What is Coop ?

                 IGNOSI CO-OP, a front-line cloud-based software precisely crafted to restructure the operations of cooperative societies, catering to both non-credit and credit management needs. Our software is designed to meet the diverse requirements of multi-branch Multi State non-credit and Credit Co-operative Society, Employees Credit Cooperative Societies, Multi state Credit Cooperative Societies, miscellaneous cooperative societies, women cooperative societies and primary agricultural cooperative societies and many more.With IGNOSI CO-OP, managing receipt and disbursement operations adheres to industry rules and guidelines. Our platform offers a broad core banking solution, facilitating continuous management of shares, KYC compliance, deposits, loans, and reports. Users can benefit from features like daily closing, user management, and delegated work management, together with healthy due management and collection management functionalities.

Unified Platform

  • IGNOSI CO-OP provides a centralized platform to manage all aspects of cooperative society operations, including branches, employees, operators, agents, customers, deposits, withdrawals, loans, and books of accounts.
  • Comprehensive Reporting

  • Our software offers a wide range of accounting reports essential for efficient money flow management, ensuring accurate supervision and calculation of various aspects of the organization.
  • Efficiency and Profitability

  • IGNOSI CO-OP automates functions to improve efficiency and profitability, assisting effective administration and management of cooperative society operations.
  • Customizable Solutions

  • We understand that each cooperative society has unique requirements. Therefore, our software offers both ready-made and customized solutions to cater to specific needs effectively.
  • Simplified Operations

  • IGNOSI CO-OP provides simple and convenient rules, making working with the software a pleasant and predictable experience for users.